The Update About the Update that NEVER HAPPENED (I’m so sorry!)

So, um, I know that I said I’d update sometime in the second week of school and that never happened. Sorry about that!

What I have been doing is:
1) Going to class
2) Working
3) Whining about statistics
4) Updating my student life Tumblr page
5) Going to class
6) Doing some homework
7) Whining about statistics
8) Procrastinating on the Internet
9) Whining about statistics
10) Beautifying my Twitter page
11) And many more…

Do you see a trend there? Yeah, I whine about my statistics class. A lot. It’s not that I don’t like it or anything, but it’s hard and I don’t always get it right away (and I tend to lose patience with difficult concepts really quickly)! However, having the class once a week and having to do two chapters for each class actually isn’t so bad. I’ve kind of fallen behind, but I’m catching up. I’ve found that I’ve basically had to read over the chapters multiple times and then write out some of the equations in normal-speak (read: not equation-speak) and basically work it out on paper in the margins in order to understand it. It seems to be working so far. Good times…

You know, I actually like this setup a lot better than high school. I can pretty much do my homework for any class whenever I want provided that I’m not in class (or at work!) at the time, and it’s a lot easier than having nightly homework, that you have to do – because then I just don’t want to do anything. I actually want to do this. I rather like being able to sit down at pretty much any hour of the day and say, “Okay, I’m going to learn some statistics now!” and then spend an hour or whatever on it, and then be lazy again . Mind you, I’m still having trouble adjusting to the new workload and so I’m not really totally caught up on everything, but I seem to be doing okay in Microeconomics right now and I don’t think that I have any assignments due for at least a week. Which reminds me, tomorrow morning if I have time, I should probably do the referencing assignment for Political Science… It’s due in 9 days, and I haven’t gotten started on it yet. Eek! I’d kind of prefer to have that out of the way early this week, although somehow I’m thinking that there’s some sort of catch within the assignment that I won’t discover until after I’ve already worked on it. It just seems too easy, you know? Worth 15%, each reference worth 3%, and then you just have to use APA (or whatever it was) to reference, like, a newspaper, two journal articles, a book and a website or something. I might start it tomorrow morning and then email the professor on if there’s anything hidden within it that I have to do. Or I might also just procrastinate, but I’m kind of curious now.

Right, well, that’s all for tonight. I work tomorrow afternoon, and I’d kind of like to do some stuff beforehand, so I should probably head to bed soon. Toodle-oo!