Betta Fish are Greedy

Anybody who has ever owned a Betta fish will probably agree with me on what I am about to say.

Betta fish are greedy little creatures. It’s not a slam against them; it’s just the way they are. They love food, and, the thing is, Bettas don’t just stop eating when they’ve had enough… They’ll just keep on going until there’s nothing left.

Whenever I go up to the tank, Princeton (pictured) will eagerly come to the front of the tank and swim up and down with his little fishy eyes fixed on me.


Cute, right? And he gets especially excited if you feed him. He’s kind of a picky eater, I think, as he won’t eat the yellow flakes (I have a bag with differently coloured flakes that serves as food for all my fish – I also have two diamond tetras and five cory cats in the tank), just the orange ones. He is, however, very fond of the pellets that I feed him to supplement his diet of flakes.


He completely sucks at actually eating them, though. He usually has to chew really hard, I guess in order to break them down so that he can swallow them, but even so the tetras generally eat most of the pellets before he has a chance to get at them. Poor little guy!


I even saw him go down to the bottom of the tank once in order to try to grab the flakes that the cories were currently feasting on, which I thought was rather rude of him.

But, hey, that’s just a Betta fish for you, right? For a fish, they have such a personality that it’s really hard not to love them. And, if they get too fat, or you notice their stomach bulging, holding off on the feeding for one day or just feeding a lot less should do the trick. As coldblooded creatures, it’s not going to kill them like it would a cat, or a hamster.

I love Princeton a lot, even though he is so damn greedy, but I can live with that!