What I Did Today, and an Update (very short)

Hey, all!

So, my goal was to post once a week. Clearly, that goal hasn’t been achieved.


My life is absolutely crazy right now; I expect it to remain that way for quite some time. I want to start a vlog in the summer, but I might wait until I can actually update this regularly first. I hope to get 100 subscribers by the end of the summer. Doable? Um, maybe. Who knows? Only time will tell.

Anyway, today I went to an auto show, and got to ride in a Porsche Boxster! That was fun. It was pretty crazy, seeing as how he was basically drifting along a wet parking lot, and I was just in the passenger seat like “oh my God oh my God oh my Goddd”, but, don’t get me wrong (a favourite saying of my current Religion teacher), it was actually awesome!

I also got to talk to some other Subaru enthusiasts for like an hour, which was pretty fun. I always feel like an idiot afterwards, though, because whenever I talk about something with someone who knows more about that something than me, I end up losing my words and not knowing what to say. God, is that embarrassing.

So, um, yeah; that is my life right now! I will now go either study for my Calculus test or watch some more danisnotonfire… you know, probably procrastinate. Eh, I don’t know.



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