“Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos” and Hamster Nostalgia

Okay, seen this yet?

Because if not, you need to view it right now. Of the few viral videos that I actually watch, this one has completely and totally captured my heart.

I used to have hamsters, you see. And while I don’t recall ever feeding them tiny meals like that, which is a shame because I really should have, when I was on Flickr, I often saw a lot of people doing the same thing: making their hamsters adorable little tiny food items that they could eat.

This kind of makes me wish I had a hamster again, because they are so cute! I have a cat now, but hamsters will always hold a special place in my heart… especially Squik, who was my last Syrian/golden hamster. She lived for around 3 years, from what I recall, and she was so nice! It makes me regret not spending enough time with her. I kind of remember just going into my room one day and going, “Wait a minute, this hamster is like a year and a half old and I barely even do anything with her. Why is that?” I played with her a lot more often after that, but I still feel like I never had enough time with her. She was literally the nicest hamster I had ever had, and when I was lying down, for instance, and she was on my bed, she would crawl up my shirt and lie by my side and just sleep there. Or, I could go walking somewhere and put her in my hoodie or (loose) pants pocket, and she would just stay there and sniff all her surroundings in a very interested way.

Hamsters are sweetie pies, and there’s just something about how tiny they are, yet their ability to use their hands with their tiny little fingers (and really weird thumbs), that just intrigues many people. It’s hard to be a hamster hater in this world, isn’t it? When you can see how adorable they are within a few moments (the way they yawn, those paws, that tail!), it’s hard not to gush and go “awww!” all over the place.