My Name Is…!

Hi! My name is… what? My name is… huh? My name is… who? Chicka chicka, Slim Shady!

Well, okay, so my name is not actually Slim Shady (although I wish I could rap that well!). No, my name is Louisa, and I am trying to figure out my life.

Being in my senior year of high school, next year I’m going off to university. Actually, I’ll probably be living at home. I’m going to a university near my home, because then I can live at home for a year and still keep my job working at the local grocery store. I don’t want to live at home forever, though, so I’ll be transferring schools within a few years.

A few things about myself:

–          I’m pretty sure I’m going into business after high school, probably accounting.

–          Right now, I work part time as a cashier at a grocery store.

–          I live in southern Ontario.

–          I love cars. Subarus are my favourite brand! I used to have a Forester, before it was scrapped. It was a great little car.

–          I also love trains. I also love the movie Avengers, and reading and sometimes writing FrostIron fanfiction.

I don’t currently have a set topic for this blog; it’ll mostly be about my life, and as I try to make my way in the world. There may be some swearing, and there may be lots of complaining. What? That ain’t a bad thing. I need an outlet. Although I’ll try not to let it get too negative or anything, because to be honest, I’m hoping that, eventually, I can write something that people actually want to read; and I figure that this is good practice, no?

I’m not really sure what else to say now, so, yeah! Thanks for reading, and look forward to an upcoming post of mine, hopefully sometime within the week! 🙂


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